Our Story


The Raw Treats Life grew out of a love of baking, whilst actively choosing to live a healthier lifestyle!

Fed up of trying and failing several different ways of eating, in an attempt to become my happiest self, I finally had enough of restrictive methods that led to constantly thinking "I can't eat this", "I'm not allowed to eat that". All of which lead to a negative attitude towards my food, my body and myself.

Since starting my own health and wellness journey, I have loved creating healthier, free from versions of treats, that satisfy my sweet tooth and curb my snacking addiction. This was also essential due to my dairy intolerance and having several other food sensitivities. I therefore struggled to eat and enjoy many of the snacks and treats that are on the market as they either did not agree with me and made me bloat; contained too many unnecessary and unnatural ingredients or simply didn't taste nice.

This is why The Raw Treats Boutique was founded. To create a collection of free from, plant based, body-loving and gut friendly treats and snacks, completely free of guilt and restriction to allow you to feel your most powerful, confident and energised self! I no longer struggle with feeling deprived due to my intolerances, because these Raw Treats are far healthier, more nutrient dense, better for your gut and in our opinion taste 1000 times better!!! 

My priority is gut health above all else, by focusing on body-loving, skin-loving and energy boosting foods, that are flooded with the healthy nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants our bodies requires to thrive. No more calorie counting, no more under-eating and no more binge-eating. Out with the "low fat", "low kcal", and "low carb" marketing tactics that are also synonymous with refined sugar, chemicals, and unknown "natural flavourings".....AND in with the intuitive eating, listening to your gut and understanding what ingredients you are putting into your body.




A happy gut is our #1 priority, because a healthy gut is vital for healthy digestion, a strong immune system, clear skin, balanced hormones, optimal weight and better sleep. It is so important to look after your gut, because when you treat it with love, that love will shine through!

After all, nutrition is the key to living your BEST LIFE and feeling your BEST SELF. What you put into your body affects the overall rhythm of your health and well-being. This is why we live by the words:

 "Treat your body with love from the inside, out!" 


  • TO SHARE guiltless, nutritious & gut friendly treats with the world!

  • TO ENCOURAGE everyone to love their body and their food, free from restrictions.

    • TO RESET your snacking habits with our plant-powered Raw Treats designed to create a healthy & sustainable lifestyle with wholesome & nutrient-rich superfoods.

      • TO HELP you become your most powerful, confident and energised self!


      OUR WHY

      There are several free from snacks, bars and treats on the market these days.



      Many contain non-activated nuts, oats and coconut, which can be extremely difficult to digest and may cause severe bloating.

        I know how uncomfortable this can be, which is why I am on a mission to help people BEAT THE BLOAT whilst making sure that everyone can enjoy delicious and healthy plant-based treats. We activate all our nuts to make them as gut friendly as possible and easier to digest, especially for people with sensitive digestive systems. By awakening the mighty nut, it ensures all its nutritious goodness is absorbed, leaving you feeling fuller for longer, without that sluggish feeling.


        Several of them include nasty ingredients that we do not believe should ever be consumed, such as artificial sweeteners, chemicals and unknown “natural flavourings”.

          I believe that if you do not understand what an ingredient is, let alone how to pronounce it, you should not be putting it into your body. At The Raw Treats Boutique we only ever use a handful of simple, natural and nutritious ingredients that your body will love.


          Free From doesn’t mean healthy!

          We have designed a collection of Luxury Raw Treats that are a clean, healthy and a nutritious source of body-loving vitamins, minerals & antioxidants that will give you the energy boost you need to get through your day, your workout or your snack time. 


          OUR ESSENCE

          At the heart of everything we do lies the importance of SELF-LOVE and treating our bodies with respect by eating real food that makes us feel our best.

          Maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst juggling the everyday responsibilities, can be challenging, which is why it is so easy to fall into bad habits. We believe everybody deserves to feel confident in their own skin and feel their absolute best! When you feel confident, you will radiate, sparkle and pass all that positive energy on to those around you, making the world a more beautiful place for everyone.

          So, SHINE ON, Raw Treats Squad!

            Our treats are acts of SELF-LOVE for you mind, body and soul.

          What are you waiting for? . . . Treat Yo’Self!

          With love from, Emily
          Founder & Queen Treats Maker